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The Gold standard scan
for Body analysis

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The Gold standard scan
for Body analysis

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Give the gift of health

Get your loved one started, or recommitted to their journey of health with a Bodycomp Gift card for a New Year 2022 Bodyscan.

Price: $150

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Give the Commitment to Health

A Package of four Bodycomp scans will give you a year of scans and data to ensure you are making the health improvements you are committed to.

Price: $500

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Celebrate Every BODY

The comprehensive DXA whole body scan gives your loved one the data they need to measure success.

Price: $250

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Looking at your body using a three compartment model

Bodycomp Imaging makes use of Hologic DXA scanners. These devices use a process called x-ray absorptiometry to take a picture of the body while measuring the amount of tissue per pixel. The human body can be thought of as consisting of three density ranges of tissue: the most dense is the bone mineral content. The lean mass containing non-fatty muscle and organ structures is where almost all calories are burned and power is generated. The fat mass is composed of both essential fatty tissue and also storage fat. This allows us to consider the ratio of muscle to fat to bone and to assess where and how much muscle, fat and bone tissue change over time.

Our imaging also allows us to look at how much visceral fat is in your abdomen and to assess the structure of your spine and pelvis. We can even measure limb length in the extremities and muscle imbalance post injury and during recovery.

Whole body dxa scan
for percent fat and musclemass assessment
Bone density scan of
the hip and spine

to assess fracture risk and measure improvement
industry leading scans in a comfortable setting body dxa scan

For athletes, potential athletes, weight management clients and those interested in healthy aging. Bodycomp Imaging will quantify your results.

Athletic performance

  • Optimise your percent fat for your sport
  • Assess your muscular balance
  • Compare your data to other athletes

Weight management

  • Learn what your healthy weight range is
  • Prevent muscle loss while reducing fat
  • Leave with a functional and realistic plan

Bone density

  • Learn how to build bone and prevent fracture
  • Receive your bone density scan in a positive environment
  • Come back for follow-up scans on your schedule

Research packages

  • Whole body and hip/spine scans available for clinical trials
  • Flexible bookings and excellent scan and service quality
  • Please call or email for more information

Body composition scans using DXA technology

Bodycomp offers the gold standard in body composition tests. Our scan and interpretation provide you with:

  • Whole body percent fat (less than 1.5% error)
  • The weight of your lean, fat and bone tissue in your arms, legs and torso
  • Analysis of your visceral fat and any relevant health risks
  • Whole body bone density measurement
  • Your personal caloric requirements based upon your lean tissue mass

Bone density scans of the hip and spine

Obtain the same scans as you would get from your doctor without the need for a referral

  • A high precision scan of the spine and hip to assess density of the bone
  • Track improvement over time as you reduce fracture risk with diet and training
  • Learn about current research on improving bone density without the use of drugs

Customer Reviews

Chris W


Repeat customer here. Detailed and standardized reports that make for easy comparison and tracking over time. Muscle mass (by body part), fat mass, bone mineral density, alignment, and body fat percentage: the gold standard of metrics. Peter also has solid advice. He knows nutrition and exercise physiology. And is a great guy. Cannot recommend enough. Five stars.

Annie Hurwich


Peter was awesome and super informative about the scan and gave me awesome advice. I highly recommend going to see him for a scan if you’re a bodybuilder that wants to track their progress over time, or just curious about the composition of your body.

Amir Mousavi


Peter was a really nice and knowledgable guy. Before doing the scan, he asked about what my goals are. The scan itself is very detailed and only takes 5 minutes, but the rest of the hour is spent on explaining the results and devising a plan that can get you to your desired goals.

This includes a detailed resting metabolic rate, fat distribution in arms/legs/pelvic, and bone density.

Worth every penny, great service. Would 100% go back