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Case Studies

This 26 year old man was very surprised to find his percent fat at 23.7% despite only weighing 123 lbs. His total fat mass is quite low at 29 lbs, but due to his very low muscle mass for his age and height, his percent fat is too high. A young male should maintain a percent fat that is below 22%, especially in the lower abdomen.

This 20 year old woman is a competitive crossfit athlete. At 20% fat she is leaner than 99% of women her age, yet her BMI is at 25.5 (overweight). This is because she also carries more muscle mass than 90% of women her age and height.

This 46 year old retired rugby player struggles with appetite control. After a series of ankle injuries stopped him from playing the game, he end up with dangerously high visceral fat levels and wanted to measure the gradual reduction.

For women trying to become pregnant, percent fat can be optimized to provide the best outcome for mother and child.

One of the frequest questions we hear at Bodycomp is how lean do I need to be to get abs?

It's best to remove metal objects before the scan, but what if you have an unremovable object inside your body?

This 28 year old athlete has above average muscle mass and enjoys hiking and playing flag football. Her body is composed of 30% fat, well below the upper healthy limit of 35%.

This 28 year old male maintains a 15.8% body fat that is leaner than 19 out of 20 North American males of his age. He eats a mostly vegetarian diet and enjoys trail running.

This 30 year old female athlete managed to build 22 lbs of muscle over two years through lots of heavy training and well structured nutrition.

This male reduced his percent fat from 27% down to 14% over nine months. During this time he decreased fat by 32.5 lbs and lean mass by 9.5 lbs.

This 50 year old female is active and well muscled but is currently at 51% body fat. She is planning on slowly reducing body fat over the next two years through 5km of walking every day and dietary modifications.

This otherwise healthy 32 year old runner came in for a scan for athletic performance goals but we found he had very low bone density on the whole body scan. A bone density scan of the spine confirmed this and he is seeking treatment via his family doctor.

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