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Full Body Health Scan


The Gold Standard for Body Analysis Scans

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What is DEXA?

A DEXA Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry technology offers a quick and painless assessment, utilizing low-level X-rays to measure body composition, including body fat percentage, overall skeletal health, total lean mass, visceral fat, limb comparison for imbalances, and more. This advanced and widely respected technology provides precise details about your physique, making it the go-to choice for your comprehensive body composition assessment.

Full Body Health Scan

The Full Body Health Scan offers a thorough assessment of muscle, fat, and bone mass, along with estimates of resting metabolic rate and personalized nutritional guidance. Follow-up scans track progress and evaluate how well your training is working. Results are promptly delivered, accompanied by detailed explanations.


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Bone Density Scan

With aging, the hip, wrist, and vertebral compression fractures increase, especially among women over 50 due to osteoporosis. Our Bone Density Scan utilizes DEXA technology to precisely analyze fracture risk in the hip and spine, ensuring concise and accurate results through detailed imaging.


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Why Choose Bodycomp Imaging?

For athletes, potential athletes, weight management clients and those interested in healthy aging, Bodycomp Imaging will quantify your results.

Athletic Performance

  • Optimise your percent fat for your sport
  • Assess your muscular balance
  • Compare your data to other athletes

Weight Management

  • Learn what your healthy weight range is
  • Prevent muscle loss while reducing fat
  • Leave with a functional and realistic plan

Bone Density

  • Learn how to build bone and prevent fracture
  • Receive your bone density scan in a positive environment
  • Come back for follow-up scans on your schedule

Research Packages

  • Whole body and hip/spine scans available for clinical trials
  • Flexible bookings and excellent scan and service quality
  • Please call or email for more information

Body Composition Scans Using DEXA Technology

Bodycomp offers the gold standard in body composition tests. Our scan and interpretation provide you with:

  • Whole body percent fat (less than 1.5% error)
  • The weight of your lean, fat and bone tissue in your arms, legs and torso
  • Analysis of your visceral fat and any relevant health risks
  • Whole body bone density measurement
  • Your personal caloric requirements based upon your lean tissue mass

Bone Density Scans of the Hip and Spine

Obtain the same scans as you would get from your doctor without the need for a referral

  • A high precision scan of the spine and hip to assess density of the bone
  • Track improvement over time as you reduce fracture risk with diet and training
  • Learn about current research on improving bone density without the use of drugs

Other Services

NeuroCatch® Objective Cognition Evaluation

The NeuroCatch® Platform, a Health-Canada approved cognitive-assessment tool, is an industry-leading medical device that offers an objective evaluation of cognitive function, which is delivered in minutes at the point of care.

NeuroCatch® conducts a rapid 6-minute scan to measure and report on brain function at the point of care. It produces a report immediately after the scan to display information on three different brain responses, also known as event-related potentials (ERPs). The ERPs are termed the ABCs of NeuroCatch®.

To find out more about NeuroCatch®, check out here.


NeuroCatch® provides an objective and accurate measure of brain activity, augmenting and simplifying lengthy and subjective testing for brain health.

Point of Care

Designed as a “brain lab in a box,” NeuroCatch® is a portable, easy-to-use system that is accessible to researchers and clinicians at the point of care to perform a cognitive evaluation.

Delivered in Minutes

NeuroCatch® performs a 6-minute non-invasive scan that compresses a 3-hour laboratory procedure into a rapid data acquisition. Its automated process creates repeatable evaluations, allowing clinicians to sensitively monitor subtle but significant changes over time.



Mathew Maybee

As someone who’s needed help with getting their weight loss journey back on track, I had this place recommended by a friend and I’m so glad I did. I worked with Harmun to conduct the scan, and I found the process (along with the results) to be a really fantastic experience! It feels like unlocking a fitness cheat code to have this knowledge, and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s serious about getting their health in order!!


Two years in a row coming to see Harmun and he is amazing to work with. Very knowledgeable and personable. I am going every year now – maybe twice!

Shelly Gardiner

Fantastic information! Harmun was professional, very knowledgeable and explained all scan results in an easy to understand manner.

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